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Steven WilsonWeb Breakfast MD

Steven Wilson

I've been planning, developing and optimising websites since 1994 when I built my first commercial website aged 17 for a leading UK travel brand.

Over the years l have been priveleged to have worked on many fantastic website projects across a wide sector of industries.

I have picked up a wealth of experience along the way and am well placed to assist you with consultancy and advice to help you get the most for your website.


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Website Planning

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) involves structuring and organising the content on a website in a way that enhances usability. IA ensures that users can engage with your website without any confusion or frustration.

The strategic and technical aspects of creating and maintaining your website involves a comprehensive approach to identifying and understanding the goals and requirements of both your audience and organisation. Together, we'll define the core objectives and provide a clear route to achieving them.

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Web Design & Development

I provide expert guidance and innovative solutions to help you establish a strong online presence that captures the essence of your brand and appeals to your audience.

I’ll work with you to prepare detailed website wireframes which will provide the designer with a clear, well-structured blueprint from which to work their magic.

Thorough preparation at this stage will ensure that the development process flows smoothly with minimal need for potentially costly revisions down the line.

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Search Engine Optimisation

I will help you to improve your website’s visibility on Google. I’ll conduct a comprehensive SEO audit to identify any technical issues or content gaps that could be hindering your website's search engine performance.

I’ll conduct keyword research and provide integration for meta tags, header tags, URL structure and page content.

Additionally, I can help with the creation of high-quality, engaging audience optimised pages that address the needs and queries of a wider target audience and which can significantly boost your website's relevance and authority.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) focuses on improving your website’s effectiveness in converting visitors into customers or achieving other key business goals. CRO employs a data driven approach using split testing and analytics to pinpoint, evaluate and deploy areas of improvement.

The goal of CRO is simple - to increase the percentage of visitors who complete your desired objective such as making a purchase, completing a form or subscribing to a newsletter.

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