Search Engine Optimisation

Our websites are search engine friendly by design and our SEO record is 100% proven.

Most companies want their website to do well on Google for their major keywords. The complexity of the challenge will depend on the competitiveness of those keywords. Geographical keywords for local companies are generally less competitive (e.g. web design worthing) where as national or global keywords are far more so (e.g. web design).

At the quotation stage we'll estimate how much work is required for your major keywords and work out how much time and cost will be involved. The good news is that our websites are extremely search engine friendly by design and in many cases, once we get you on page one, there won't be any need for further ongoing commitment.

We have clients at the top of Google for whom we haven't done any SEO work for several years. Unlike other website agencies we don't charge for the work that we don't do. And in some cases we'll even guarantee a page 1 position as part of the price and continue to work on it until it gets there.

100% Proven SEO Record

Our clients are well positioned for their major search terms. We compete with some of the UK's largest SEO companies and outperform them for a fraction of the budget. Our SEO work is honest, transparent and achieves results quickly.

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